EXTRA - COVID19 SPECIAL EPISODE: 'Across the Haze' artist and curator talk

The screenshot of the artist and curator talks on Zoom

It is absolutely my pleasure to speak with the artists: Cynthia Arrieu-King (USA)
Shraddha Borawake (India)Dongyan Chen (Singapore / China)Rochyne Delaney McNulty (England)Sophie Morrow (Australia)Ivetta Sunyoung Kang (Canada / South Korea)Marcia Vaitsman (Brazil)and Corinna Berndt (Australia / Germany) (curator) in Across The Haze. From this talk, I didn't gain not only a good understanding on this exhibition, but also each artist's art practice. 

This conversation was recorded in late April. By then, talking about this exhibition couldn’t be more relevant to the COVID 19 time. Regardless, this exhibition was one of million art exhibitions in the world that had been affected by the COVID 19 outbreak, it was probably the first exhibition in Melbourne and Australia that addressed the changes and issues brought by COVID 19. By underlining the connectivity in the midst of uncertainty, it invited the audience to ponder the shifting relationships between people, between people and material, and between people and technology, affected by the global calamities. Through the 8 artist’s personal responses, Across the Haze drew out various concept avenues for audience to rest their thoughts in, such as:  the technological nostalgia, technological utopia and dystopia, a technological foundation in maintaining human relationships; the humanisation of the material world; the psychological impacts of skin-to-skin contact, and the link between human connectivity and human mobility. Under the demand for a new perspective on the existing world by COVID19, this exhibition provided an artistic frontline for audience to encounter a new way of living.

Listen to Across the Haze artist and curator talk Part I:

Listen to Across the Haze artist and curator talk Part II:

The digital catalogue of Across the Haze exhibition can be viewed and downloaded on the website of Trocadero Art Space. 

Corinna Berndt, A New Kind of Utopia, 2019single-channel HD Video, displayed on mobile phone, duration: 2'56".Image courtesy the artist. 

Dongyan Chen, Sewbrella Machine, 2020 , single channel HD video. Video still, Image courtesy the artist.

Ivetta Sunyoung Kang, Proposition 1: Hands, 2020, digital collage. Image courtesy the artist.

Marcia Vaitsman,100 Seconds to Midnight, 2020, single-channel HD Video. Video still, Image courtesy the artist.

Shraddha Borawake, This Beautiful Venus Trap Earth Body with Eline Bochem, 2019, sin-gle-channel HD Video.Video still, image courtesy the artist. 

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