COVID19 SPECIAL EPISODE: Dr. Kate Just, Dr. Tal Fitzpatrick, Zara Sullivan and Nathan Beard on their COVID art projects

This is the 5th COVID special episode. In this episode, I have four high-achieving artists: Dr. Kate Just, Dr. Tal Fitzpatrick, Zara Sullivan and Nathan Beard talking about their art projects that they have been carrying out during COVID19 and speaking about their creative process and mind-space in making these projects during the COVID down time. Dr. Kate and Dr, Tal are producing a collaborative project titled: #covid19quilt on the instagram platform @covid19quilt. Zara is delivering her project “Angle Exchange” and hosting a live performance channel on IGTV.  Nathan is managing his island of Slovetzia in Animal Crossing game where he has built an art gallery and migrated his 1st life exhibition tilted White Gilt 2.0 and originally shown at FirstDraft into this Slovetzia gallery. 

To me, like many other artists and people who struggled in the 1st lockdown period to keep up a creative life and now is adjusting mentally again in the 2nd lockdown, hearing about these artists' wonderful artworks and persistence in art-making, is absolutely inspiring and stimulating. I hope this episode could bring the same positive and creative energy to the listeners and help you all happily go through the new low of the 2nd lockdown time.

Episode notes:
Dr. Kate Just

Dr. Tal Fitzpatrick

Zara Sullivan

Nathan Beard

1, Kate and Tal's COVID19quilt
Instagram @covid19quilt

2, Zara's Angle Exchange
Instagram @Zarasully.artist

3, An interview and announcement about Nathan's White Gilt 2.5 on FirstDraft website

White Gilt 2.0