COVID19 SPECIAL EPISODE: Anu Radha, Dr. Priya Srinivasan and Dr. Tammy Wong Hulbert on arts in response to the COVID19 racism

In this 4th COVID19 special episode, I have invited two artist and educator, Dr. Tammy wong Hulbert, and Dr. Priya Srinivasan and a phycologist, Anu Radha to make a conversation together about how the arts and artists could respond to the COVID19 racism against the Asian population in the western societies. 

In this episode, Tammy told us about a collaborative social engagement project called Unmasked selfies in Solidarity that she had taken part in. This project had widely-reached on Facebook platform. Tammy also talked about how her visual art practice had been enriched through her roles as a curator and academic. Priya, with her rich knowledge on Australian performance art and the subject on cultural and gender equality in the postcolonial and capitalist societies, shared her view on what was the role of arts and artists that COVID19 had indicated to us, and her critical thoughts on how COVID19 broke the Western traditional notion that "artists are solo genius". Moreover, Anu from her professional psychologist perspective, did not only give an explanation on the stress and anxiety that were brought by racism and the time of COVID19, but also shared many brilliant valuable and wise exercises for thoughts for the artists and everyone to practice. There are so much more in this conversation to take on. 

As this conversation was made before the #blacklivesmatter global movement took off, the subjects of racism in this conversation were focused on the Asian communities in the western societies. However, I think that the discussions on the topic about the arts&racism in this conversation has a broad application. The value of the speakers' words doesn't lessen due to limit of the timing. Please sit back and enjoy this empowering episode! 

Episode Note:
Dr. Tammy Wong Hulbert

Unmasked Selfies in Solidarity
The team of collaborators of this project includes: Isabella Capezio, Marnie Badham, Klare Lansen, Sherry Liu, Wilson Yeung, Jan Sze Wing Ting, Rosina Yuan and Tammy Wong Hulbert and the RMIT School of Art community.

Dr. Priya Srinivasan

The info about Pathways project that Priya talked about can be find on Sangam Facebook page

Anu Radha, a psychologist 
currently working in Northern Health