29, COVID19 Special Episode: Ann McGinley, Nico Reddaway and Sarah Rudledge on working creatively in a solitary environment during oversea artist residencies

This is the 3rd special episode for COVID19 time. In this episode, three visual artists: Sarah Rudlege, Ann Mcginley and Nico Reddaway and I made a delightful conversation about their pre-COVID19 oversea residencies. Sarah, as the last participating artist in the artist residency program of Matsushima Bunko Museum, went to Matsushima island in Japan; Ann took Casa Na Iiha artist residency in Iihabela in Brazil; and Nico engaged in the art program for asylum seeker refugees in Finland and worked for the art workshops at Heikinharju Reception Centre in Oulu, when she visited Oulu as an exchange student with University of Oulu.

Listening to them talking about their times outside Australia in this COVID19 isolation, was like to hear fictional stories. But it took my mind on a pleasant trip across the brick walls of my flat and national borders. Before the conversation, I imagined a lonely working environment that they would have confronted in their times overseas, and expected to get some tips from them to overcome the challenge in this solitary working environment. I hoped these tips would be applicable for artists who struggle in COVID 19 social isolation life. However, their answers were surprised me and opened up a new way for me to think about the idea of working in solitude. 

I hope you will enjoy to listening to this episodes.

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>>> Episode notes: 

/// The artists:
Ann McGinley
Follow her art on instagram: @mcginley985

Nico Reddaway
Follow her art projects on instagram: @incognic0

Sarah Rudledge

/// Casa Na Iiha artist residency, Bazil

/// University of Oulu

/// Matsushima Bunko Museum