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19, the practice and art merchandise, with Sanja Pahoki and Vivian Cooper Smith

In this episode, two Melbourne-based photographers, Sanja Pahoki and Vivian Cooper Smith shared their thoughts over three past visual art exhibitions in Melbourne. In the conversation, they did not only bring the visual of the works they saw in the exhibitions, but also opened the discussion in regarding to the practice of visual art, photography practice and art merchandise. For me, it was an utterly fun and thoughtful experience of chatting with them. I hope it is an enjoyable and inspiring episode to you, the listeners too. 
Two speakers: Sanja Pahoki
Vivian Cooper Smith
The exhibitions seen by Vivian "After L'Été" Eleanor Louise Butt
Nicholas Thompson Gallery Alun Elach -Jones
The exhibitions seen by Sanja: Concept Store Photography 3rd year student exhibition Arts…

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